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Washington County Senior Softball 

Open to all men over 50 and women over 40 from the four-state area

2021 All Stars

The games will be played Monday, August 09th at 6:30 pm. Players should wear their team jerseys and be at Halfway Park by 6:00 pm.

Team A – Manager Brian McKenzie

Atlantic Foot & Ankle  Brian McKenzie

                                       Vince Zabrucky                           

Family Heritage            Tami Hardesty

                                       Jeff Rowe

Boonsboro Legion       Eric Andrews

                                       Arnnop Sangapol                                         

Stonebridge Pizza        Mike Ardinger

                                       Steve Martin

The Centers for Advanced Orthopaedics

                                        Dan Elgin, Jr.

                                        Daryl  Musser

Visiting Angels              Jamie Edwards

                                        Jeff Schlotterback

Mayes Septic                 Bryan Mehalko

                                        Marty Reichart



Team B – Manager Bob Thomas

Stonebridge Pizza         Bob Thomas

                                        Lynn Reedy

Atlantic Foot & Ankle   Steve Thornton

                                        Mark Plumley

Family Heritage              Frank Hood

                                         Bill Gordon

Boonsboro Legion         Bobby Tritch

                                         Ronnie Bennett

The Centers for Advanced Orthopaedics

                                         Dan Elgin, Sr.

                                         Randy Moffett                                  

Visiting Angels               Mike Miller

                                        Greg Hess                                  

 Mayes Setic                   Garnett Blevins

                                        Keith Beaver